Let your pet experience their home away from home at The Animal Inn. Our facility offers 35 indoor and outdoor runs and 4 exercise yards. We provide a climate controlled, private run for overnight stays with daily integration. Your pet will enjoy individual attention and plenty of activities as they run and fetch under the care of our dedicated staff. They can even bring their own toys, food and bedding.

Year Round

Year Round

· We offer indoor & outdoor runs and exercise yards for year round kennel services



· Please book ahead for summer & major holidays

Lots of Fun

Lots of Fun

· Your pet will enjoy individual attention & plenty of activities

KENNEL RATES | All Dogs $30.00 per day

'Dog Family' Discount! Bring in your second dog and there is a $2 discount per day. That means 2 dogs from the same family would be $58 per day. $22 daycare fee for pickups after 12pm. We are providing exit baths and nail trimming services for our boarding and daycare clients. We continue to provide walk-in nail trimming services, though we are asking that those clients call ahead to ensure there is a staff member present who can complete that service.

Click here to download the Pet Owner Agreement
  • Please download and fill out our The Pet Owner Agreement Form and bring it in for your First Daycare or with your Boarding Request.
  • We do not accept pets 6-months or older for Daycare if they have not been spayed or neutered.
  • All dogs MUST present proof of vaccinations upon arrival.
  • We understand your pet will have a favorite blanket, sleeping pad or bed. Personal bedding must be sized to fit our large capacity washing machine so that we can keep the sleeping area clean and fresh.
  • We accept pets with special needs. There will be a $5 per day per dog for any medication administration. Please do NOT include medication directly in any food provided. Our staff will prepare and administer medication as instructed.
  • Toys may get shared or chewed so please do not bring your pet’s favorites.
  • We are not accepting new boarding clients who are intact over the age of 6 months.
  • We pride ourselves on being a social kennel. If you dog is not social or would not be permitted to interact with other dogs, we recommend looking into other facilities.

Required: Rabies Certificate, Distemper Boosters, Kennel Cough (Bordatella).
WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR DOG WITHOUT PROOF OF ALL THREE (3) VACCINATIONS. Please present a COPY of the rabies certificate for our records.

Not sure how your pet will feel about a kennel? We offer ONE FREE doggie daycare session to new regular daycare customers to introduce the routine to your dog before their stay!


Please call Monday through Friday between 8am and 2pm or fill out the form below. Let us know about your furry friend and the services you'd like to use!

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